Operation bikini

Life-related satisfaction leads to better physical, psychological, and behavioral health; However, if something will mark our lives, it is the appearance of a pandemic that, not even in the best of dystopian movie scripts, we would have imagined. But no, we are not going to talk about viruses, or pandemics, or vaccines, or the global impact that this health and, in turn, economic crisis has led to in society as a whole. We have to try to be optimistic and see life positively because achieving satisfaction with it will allow us to advance along the way.

We leave winter behind. The month of March is the month of the arrival of spring color and the rebirth of nature. We are going to leave the dark colored coats and garments hanging that make us look slimmer (if due to certain circumstances we have increased a few extra kilos). And this is where we make a reflection, because one of the aspects that have been incorporated as a result of the onset of the pandemic is precisely the incorporation of teleworking. Factor in some cases highly positive because it allows working hours from home and minimizing travel (good for the planet!), But alas! so many hours sitting, working from home, unable to leave, more hours on the couch than we did and, ultimately, a series of mobility limitations that have made the increase in body weight almost unconscious. Stepping on the scale has been a reality check. This circumstance, body weight and the appearance of our body reaffirms one of the factors that influence satisfaction with life: psychological well-being, self-esteem contribute to happiness.

Do not despair. If we have gained weight, let's get to work!

There are days, a few months, until we completely free our body from winter clothes and put on summer clothes. If we want to do something positive for ourselves, let's start by consulting a specialist and start correcting certain habits. Our happiness levels will increase and simple changes are always powerful:

  • Set clear and achievable goals.
  • Exercising reduces stress, we know it and, despite this, it is difficult for us to incorporate the routine of physical activity into our daily lives. It is not about running a marathon. Moving is the important thing: dancing, climbing stairs, walking at a fast pace ...
  • Sleep and get a good night's sleep. Going to sleep and getting up at the same time helps.
  • Caring for friends and family relationships will help us feel grateful.
  • Work on our psychological well-being and self-esteem.

At VERABEN CLINIC, together with the MedikalPro products, we propose different plans that combine a diet that favors the elimination of accumulated fat along with sessions of body presotherapies to drain toxins and retained fluid, thus enhancing the results. In this way, you can lose weight safely and effectively without having to resort to any invasive method. To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us!

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